How To Get Started Now With Video For Business Impact!

By: Sean K. Michael

Do you ever go to the movies and one of your favorite parts is the trailers?  (The previews before the movie starts) I do. I love trailers. Movie Advertising is an art in itself and it’s entertaining. Plus it gets me excited about what is to come.

Let me ask you this:

Are you making little trailers for the coming attractions in your business? Meaning are you letting your current customers know what OTHER products and services that you offer that they might not know about yet? How can they find that out?

Velocity Videos specializes in creating mini – video trailers for businesses of what you have to offer so your clients always have new opportunities to buy from you. But you can get started using video on your own by doing the following. Here are some quick tips you can start using Now to create video content that gets your customer to want to buy more:

  • Create actual 30 sec – 1 Min previews of your products and services. Sort of an “summary” of the best things about the product/service. An example could be just showing 30 second snippets of a product in use by your co-worker. Or someone going on an experience you are selling. (If you are selling a trip/tours to an exciting place for example)
  • Do a Testimonial. Find someone who had a great experience with you and get them on camera. You could even have them send you a smartphone video to you via text/or e-mail that they do themselves! Having another person speak on behalf of a new product or service you offer does amazing things to build your credibility and trust to current or future customers.  Go find a satisfied client and shoot them with your iPhone.
  • Create a Behind-the-Scenes Walkthrough. Wet a potential customer’s appetite by walking them through something. For example if you are selling a training class, you could walk around the class while you are setting up for the morning – so they can see the workbooks they will get and all the little details that make it an exciting experience for participants. 

Try these out today. How? Get out your smartphone. Most smartphones have cameras that are better than anything that existed even 10 years go. Pick one of the three strategies and film it. Keep the time to 30 seconds to a minute. Then upload the content on Facebook, instagram and try even sharing it on Linkedin so your potential and current customers see it. You can even send it to a list you have of current clients via e-mail.

So let’s follow what the movie industry has known all along. Movie Trailers or Previews sell people on coming up next. Lets “sell’ our clients on our Action-Packed products and services that will keep them at the edge of their seat and keep your business booming!

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