By: Sean K. Michael

So I went to this livestream “Book Launch” party last night. It was mainly a get together to create excitement on a new book coming out by an author. (Kind of like a celeb going on “The Tonight Show”to promote their latest movie).

What is cool is now with the Net and Facebook, YouTube, Etc, we can all do it..

A few cool things stood out …

  1. Get people in the room for your launch (when you go LIVE) that are your biggest raving fans to “pump up the volume” , cheer you on and create excitement (like a live studio audience)
  2. Give everyone a “cheat sheet” that gives overall quick concepts from the book so everyone can give a testimonial of what they liked after scanning the sheet (even if they have not read the book yet)
  3. Stream using OBS which is pretty simple setup. (I learned you can go live simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube if you have two laptops connected to each other)
  4. Have a competent , interested and dynamic host that puts everyone at ease and leads the charge.(they had one who was impressive)
  5. Have the Link shared to the book (or event or product) right away so people can go purchase the book after the excitement has built up! (his book is on Amazon now)

What was my thoughts on all of this?

The power of energy, momentum and excitement of a group of supporters cannot be denied.

There is something magical that is broadcasted even through Facebook when you have your positive people behind you in the moment!

So how can one use this?

I see a lot of cool ways actually you could use this.

You could launch a new event you are doing..

Launch an new program..

A seminar..

A Book, DVD, or some other new exciting Video..

IF you have something Big you are Releasing, Launching, Sharing — do it with Style and Make it a Big Deal!

I see amazing possibilities for all types of products, events, videos etc. for this and I am going to implement and try it out in the future…

A launch party harnesses the power of Facebook and any other platform you use. Get a group together, a laptop and a excited state and see what happens!

Oh and for those interested, the person I went to support was a man named Kingsley Grant. He is a great friend and mentor of sorts. But also his main duty is partnering with individuals and companies as a leader, speaker, author and has a speciality in the subject of “Emotelligant Leadership.” Harnessing the power of Emotional Intelligence in Leaders for corporations.

Get his book here: The Emotelligent Leader: Succeed Where Others

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