Velocity Videos creates the Ultimate Video Experience. We are leaders in professional video branding with a focus on ROI (return on investment) and how to turn video content into outcomes that businesses care about: Brand Awareness and New Business Generation(new customers).

Our Awesome Team

Sean K. Michael, MBA

CEO, Digital Creation Experience

Sean founded Velocity Videos to provide something different then your average video content creation firm. With a diverse background in Human Resources with previous work in the corporate arena. Sean prides himself on delivering outstanding projects that delight customers and keep pushing the envelope to the next level of quality. With that mindset he was able to create “YouTube Unleashed”, a workshop on the skills of YouTube. He also enjoys the studies of selfdevelopment and regularly goes on outdoor runs with Podcasts that give him new insight to add to his journals. He is proud to hear from you on what you might want to accomplish and how we can best team up to create a magical result! Have a Swaggy Day!

Abram Pompilus

Creative Director

Abram has always had a vision for making something out of nothing. His life’s mission is to deliver services/products that will impact the lives of people. This passion is carried out with video, leadership and other creative outlets. When he’s not pursuing this journey, you could catch him playing Super Smash Bros. at his godson’s house.

Jose A. Del Rio

Visual Expert

Cody Alderman

Visual Expert

Joshua Orlinsky

Business Consultant

Ron Krudo

Business Consultant

Ash Hegde, CPA

Finance Consultant

Ives Morin

Digital Marketing Video Consultant

Kristina Gallant

Web Marketing Expert

Renzo Burga

Digital Marketing Video Consultant

Chris Sensebe

Digital Artist

Macayo J. Parrott

Visual Expert

Stefan Shirley

Web Design Expert

Dalen Xiong

Visual Expert

Jose Castellanos

Facebook Marketing Consultant

Reginald Deligent

Digital Marketing Video Consultant

Guillermo Hernandez-Yeo

Production Assistant

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