Words That Kill Sales and What to Say Instead

Apr 3, 2024
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When it comes to sales, every word you use can make a significant impact on your success. It's crucial to choose your words thoughtfully to engage your audience, build trust, and ultimately close the deal. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the words that can kill sales and provide you with effective alternatives to use instead. Whether you are in retail, real estate, or any other sales-oriented industry, mastering the art of communication is key to driving conversions and boosting revenue.

Common Words Not to Use in Sales

Understanding the words that can turn potential customers away is the first step towards improving your sales pitch. Here are some common words not to use in sales:

  • "Cheap" - Instead, use words like "affordable" or "cost-effective" to convey value without compromising quality.
  • "Deal" - Try using terms like "opportunity" or "offer" to create a sense of exclusivity and value for your customers.
  • "Buy" - Substitute with "invest" or "purchase" to emphasize the long-term benefits of the product or service.
  • "Discount" - Opt for phrases such as "special promotion" or "limited-time offer" to entice customers without devaluing your offerings.

Other Words for Sales

Expanding your sales vocabulary with a diverse range of words can help you communicate more effectively with different types of customers. Here are some alternative words for sales:

  • "Closing" - Consider using "finalizing" or "securing" to convey the completion of a sale without sounding overly transactional.
  • "Revenue" - Use "income" or "profit" to describe the financial gains from your sales efforts in a more relatable way.
  • "Pitch" - Try "presentation" or "proposal" to emphasize the value of your offering and engage customers in a more meaningful dialogue.
  • "Customers" - Alternatives like "clients" or "patrons" can add a personal touch to your interactions and foster long-lasting relationships.

What to Say Instead

Replacing negative or ineffective phrases with more impactful and persuasive language can transform your sales approach. Here are some examples of what to say instead:

  • Instead of "I know"... Say "I understand your perspective, and here's how we can address your concerns."
  • Instead of "this"... Say "this solution" or "this opportunity" to highlight the benefits and relevance of your offer.
  • Instead of "and"... Try using "furthermore" or "moreover" to add depth and clarity to your sales pitch.

Sales Power Words and Sentences

Enhancing your sales vocabulary with power words and compelling sentences can captivate your audience and drive action. Here are some examples of sales power words and sentences:

  • "Exclusive" - Create a sense of exclusivity and scarcity to motivate customers to act swiftly.
  • "Revolutionary" - Highlight the innovative and transformative nature of your products or services to differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • "Limited-time offer" - Instill urgency and anticipation to encourage immediate decision-making and conversions.
  • "Unlock your full potential" - Appeal to your customers' aspirations and desires to drive motivation and action.


Mastering the art of language in sales is a continuous journey that can significantly impact your success in closing deals and building lasting relationships with customers. By choosing your words wisely, incorporating synonyms for sales, and leveraging power words effectively, you can enhance your sales pitch and inspire confidence and trust in your audience. Remember, every word counts in sales, so make sure to craft your messages thoughtfully and strategically to achieve your desired outcomes. Elevate your sales game today with the right words and watch your conversions soar!