6 Takeaways for Action Starters: A First-Timer's POV at DIS Annual Convention

Jan 30, 2022
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Welcome to Velocity Videos, where we delve into the world of Digital Marketing Operations (DMOS) and offer a first-timer's perspective on the DIS Annual Convention.

Key Takeaways for Action Starters

As a first-timer navigating the bustling world of the DIS Annual Convention, here are 6 key takeaways that can guide you through the event and empower you as an action starter:

1. Engage in Networking Opportunities

DMOS events like the DIS Annual Convention provide a unique platform to connect with industry experts, forge valuable relationships, and expand your professional network. Be proactive in engaging with fellow attendees and speakers to make the most of these networking opportunities.

2. Attend Informative Sessions

Take advantage of the diverse range of educational sessions available at the convention. From workshops to panel discussions, there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored. Attend sessions that align with your interests and goals to enhance your understanding of DMOS.

3. Embrace Innovation and Technology

Stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and innovative tools shaping the landscape of DMOS. Explore the exhibition area at the convention to discover cutting-edge technologies and trends that can revolutionize your approach to digital marketing operations.

4. Learn From Industry Leaders

Seek out opportunities to learn from industry leaders and experts in the field of digital marketing. Attend keynote speeches, seminars, and Q&A sessions to gain insights from seasoned professionals and thought leaders who can inspire and guide you on your journey.

5. Collaborate and Share Ideas

Collaboration is key in the world of DMOS. Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and participate in collaborative projects with fellow attendees. Embrace the diversity of perspectives present at the convention and leverage it to fuel creativity and innovation within your own projects.

6. Take Action and Implement Insights

The true value of attending the DIS Annual Convention lies in your ability to translate knowledge into action. Reflect on the insights gained during the event and develop a strategic plan to implement new ideas, strategies, and best practices in your digital marketing operations.


By embracing these 6 key takeaways for action starters at the DIS Annual Convention, you can elevate your understanding of DMOS, expand your professional network, and gain valuable insights that will propel your digital marketing initiatives to new heights.

Thank you for joining Velocity Videos on this immersive journey into the world of digital marketing operations. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and strategies to fuel your success in the dynamic realm of arts & entertainment, visual arts, and design.