How to Film Stunning Drone Footage at a Golf Course

Aug 3, 2019
Arts & Entertainment

Filming drone footage at a golf course can provide breathtaking visuals that showcase the beauty and elegance of the course from a unique perspective. At Velocity Videos, we specialize in capturing stunning aerial videography, including footage of golf courses. In this guide, we will share essential tips and techniques for capturing the perfect drone footage at a golf course.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When filming drone footage at a golf course, it's crucial to use the right equipment to achieve professional-quality results. Ensure that you have a high-quality drone with a stable camera that can capture smooth and clear footage. Look for drones with good battery life and a reliable GPS system for precise positioning.

Planning Your Shots

Before you start filming at a golf course, take the time to plan your shots. Consider the layout of the course, the key points of interest, and the lighting conditions. Create a shot list to ensure that you capture a variety of perspectives, including sweeping aerial views and close-up details of the course.

Capturing Dynamic Footage

When filming drone footage at a golf course, aim to capture dynamic and engaging shots that highlight the beauty of the surroundings. Experiment with different camera angles, movements, and speeds to create visually appealing sequences. Incorporate creative transitions to add visual interest to your footage.

Utilizing Natural Light

One of the key factors in creating stunning drone footage at a golf course is utilizing natural light to enhance the visuals. Plan your filming schedule around the golden hours of sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and warm. Avoid filming during harsh midday sunlight to prevent harsh shadows and overexposed areas.

Post-Production Editing

Once you have captured your drone footage at the golf course, the next step is post-production editing. Use professional editing software to enhance the colors, contrast, and sharpness of your footage. Add music, text overlays, and transitions to create a polished and engaging final video.

Sharing Your Drone Footage

After editing your drone footage, consider sharing it on your website, social media platforms, or video-sharing sites to showcase your work. Highlight the beauty of the golf course and the skillful drone cinematography that went into capturing the footage. Engage with your audience and encourage feedback and comments on your work.


Filming drone footage at a golf course offers a unique opportunity to capture the beauty and elegance of these scenic locations from a captivating aerial perspective. With the right equipment, planning, and techniques, you can create stunning drone footage that showcases the golf course in all its glory. At Velocity Videos, we are passionate about capturing memorable aerial videography, including footage of golf courses, to deliver captivating visuals to our clients.

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